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Decentralized blockchain and anonymous platform Completely secure income based on TRON smart contract The smart contract is verified and audited by an independent company Invest

we will Doubled Your funds

Unlimited income and ever-increasing wages

We provide investment conditions for percentage growth. They consist of the benchmark interest rate, the total bonus of the smart contract and the individual "hold bonus" Highest profit


A global legal company with a professional team

We are officially registered company. We have a trusted professional team in the blockchain market. We work 24/7 to increase the reputation of the platform and respect the people.
Join us and get your profit!

TRX-Reliability of smart contracts.
Fraud is impossible

The smart contract technology ensures the complete safety of all participants' funds. No one can steal funds or change contract intelligence.
Total investment amount (TRX):
Total number of event participants:

Investment conditions the best Market supply and demand

Work with TRON internet
Min deposit: - TRX
Total revenue: - (Deposit includes)
profitevery moment,Withdraw anytime
Base rate:
Daily base interest rate is fixed.
Hold rate:
- No refund every 24 hours
The smart contract calculates the retention bonus from your deposit or last withdrawal date. If you do not ask for payment, it will charge you an additional bonus. 24 hours - .
Referral bonus:
+Referral,node reward
- level Refer - , - level node (PLn-PL(n-1))*1%
Other reward:
Investment reward amount per 1000 TRX reward 1 TStar

Ways to use the platformsimple 3 steps Get income

Step #1: Pay the deposit

Roger that TRX

We recommend using: TronLink / TronMask Browser extension or TronWallet / Banko mobile application.
You can get TRX coins via popular exchangers. How to get TRX

Send TRX to our smart contract

Send any amount of TRX on the smart contract address and start earning money every time. The minimum deposit amount is - TRX. No maximum amount. Deposit

Step #2: get income

Every moment of receiving your TRX

You can view all your wallet information, including your deposit, income, withdrawal and referral statistics. Associate income and recommendation plan:
- Partner remuneration: -
- Level node remuneration (PLn-PL(n-1))*1%
The rewards appear in your wallet balance instantly, and you can withdraw the income anytime, anywhere. Account

Step #3: request cancellation

Request information TRX withdrawal

Your spending will comeimmediately

Request deposit from youSame walletWithdrawal

All your wallet deposits and recommended node income will be withdrawn, a single transaction per request

TStar Token

TStar is an ecological governance token, there is no private placement of tokens, no pre-mining, and all release comes from mining rewards

supply 10000000

liquidity 500000

The transfer has a burning attribute, 2.5% of the transfer amount is used for the prize pool, and 2.5% is burned directly

2% of the investment is used to repurchase TStar for burning

Fair and transparent smart contrast independent Listen and comment

- The platform smart contracts are published on the TRON blockchain. No one can change the rules or algorithms, or even manage them. This provides our participants with unconditional confidence in the safety of their funds. Anyone can check the smart contract code and be sure that the platform is honest.
Contract Code :
Comments and mentions:
Final deposit:

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Connect with you TronLink / TronPay Browser plugin,or TronWallet / Banko Mobile app. After connecting, you have the opportunity to deposit (reload this page).
If you can't connect, please contact our support team.

Your online partner wallet: No upline
important! Don't forget the blockchain fees! There should be 5-10 TRX in your wallet, otherwise the transaction will lose its energy status!

  Minimum deposit amount: - TRX (No maximum limit)
  We only use TRON (TRX) cryptocurrency
  Your deposit will be confirmed afteractivation In the blockchain
  Earnings come from your wallet balance every moment, you can withdraw money at any time


Connect with you TronLink / TronPay Browser plugin,or TronWallet / Banko Mobile app. After connecting, you have the opportunity to deposit (reload this page).
If you can't connect, please contact our support team.
TRON - One of the world's largest blockchain-based operating systems, always processing 2000 transactions per second. In addition, TRX is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies.

How about receiving TRX?

You can easily get TRX on every popular exchange, such as Binance, Poloniex, Bitfinex, OKEx And many others. After the transaction is completed, send TRX on your personal wallet and then send it to our smart contract address.

important! We only use personal wallets. Do not exchange accounts in the form of deposits, you will lose funds, because the expenditure will come to the exchange address, not yours!

The TRX personal wallet use?

You can use two types of wallets:
- Browser extension. E.g TronLink / TronPay. Just install the extension on your favorite browser and create a personal wallet address.

- Crypto wallet. You can use any personal encrypted wallet that supports TRX cryptocurrency and "TRONd apps" technology, E.g: TronWallet, Banko and other.